Jones takes five from six in Queensland

Ipswich, QLD (26-28 July)
Rnd#3 2013 Australian Formula Ford Championship

Minda Motorsport’s Macauley Jones has been on a rampage in Queensland, the CAMS Rising Star pilot carding an impressive five wins from six starts during the Australian Formula Ford Championship’s northern visit to Townsville and Queensland Raceway during July.

In the process the popular second-generation driver took not just his maiden victory in the national series, but the points lead heading into his local round at Winton towards the end of August.
“It’s all working pretty well for us at the moment,” Jones agreed.
“Heading to Townsville I knew we’d be competitive, because we were last year, but I didn’t expect a clean sweep. As for Ipswich, we had a quick car there last year as well, and with each round this year we just get better as a team, so everything aligned for us again, and it was great that Liam [Sager] managed to get his first win of the year.”

From opening practice at Ipswich the Minda cars showed they would be quick, but by qualifying it was close, with Jones taking pole ahead of title rival Anton De Pasquale by a tight margin, team-mate Liam Sager though grabbed a close third to have the two Minda cars lining up on the grid line astern. Sam Breen too put in a solid run in qualifying to start from eighth place, whilst the team’s youngest member - Jayden Wallis - was back in 12th, but he didn’t display his true pace until the opening race.

De Pasquale got the jump off the line in the opening race to lead Jones and Sager through the first lap, but Jones was quickly through to the lead with Sager in tow. The two Minda team-mates tried to break free from De Pasquale, but were forced to contend with him hanging on to their tails to the finish, the three drivers crossing the line five seconds clear of Thomas Randle.

Behind them though their 16-year old team-mate Jayden Wallis put in arguably his best drive of the year to drive through the field from 12th to seventh, whilst Sam Breen dropped back to eighth after running as high as fifth.

Sunday’s race two got underway in damp conditions, with Jones dropping back behind Sager off the start, before ultimately falling to Randle in the closing laps. Up front Sager was masterful in the tricky conditions, pulling away strongly through the opening laps before easing off for a comfortable victory. The popular win was welcomed by the team, but for Sager it was a sweet victory - his first win of the year, and he was all smiles.
“I was pretty sure Macca wouldn’t push too hard with the championship lead in his sights, and after the DNF whilst leading at Townsville, I was pretty keen to chalk up a win myself and get my championship back on track,” he admitted.

For Jones it was more valuable points, but he admitted Sager was right.
“There was nothing to prove, and too much risk to push too hard in those conditions. I knew I had the pace to finish near the front, and almost held Thomas out, but in the end it was safer for the sake of the championship just to let him through.”

Behind the team leaders, CAMS Rising Stars rookies Jayden Wallis and Sam Breen were back in the action, Wallis proving his opening race result was no fluke by hanging on to seventh in the difficult conditions, whilst Sam Breen dropped back to tenth.

The final race gave the drivers another dry run, and from the start the two Minda Motorsport Mygales drove away from the pack, with Jones through on Sager by lap two. Sager wasn’t finished though, and the two put on an outstanding driving display to draft backwards and forwards past one another for the entire race, with Sager returning to the front on a number of occasions.

By flag-fall though it was Jones who picked up the win, just over a car length clear of Sager, with De Pasquale a distant third. Wallis had a race long battle with Liam McAdam, before finally cementing his position back in seventh, whilst Sam Breen had an issue off the start and was unable to recover, ultimately claiming 13th at the flag.

For Jones though he holds the points lead heading into home territory at the end of August for round four at Winton.
“This weekend everything worked,” he explained.
“I’ve never been more comfortable in the car, my engineer and I are working well together - he understands what I need from the car - and the whole team is working towards a common goal. I had a blast racing with Liam, it’s so good having another team-mate with you up at the front of the field. He’s a very smart, tough racer and he’s very quick, but we’re both sensible and understand that whilst we race hard, we have to leave each other enough room because we’re looking at building a championship.”

Heading into the fourth round of the championship at Winton (August 23-25) - the team’s ‘home’ circuit - Jones holds a 21 point lead in the title race, whilst Sager has jumped to third in the standings, just 19 points behind De Pasquale. Jayden Wallis’ successful weekend has seen him leap-frog his team-mate Sam Breen for 11th in the points and fifth in the rookie-of-the-year standings.



Rnd#3 2013 Aust. Formula Ford Championship
Queensland Raceway, Ipswich (26-28 July)

Macauley Jones - #14
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ13a
Qualifying: P1 (1:13.7912)
Race #1 (13-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:14.5957)
Race #2 (12-laps): P3 (fastest lap 1:15.8073)**
Race #3 (15-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:14.4419)
** fastest race lap

Liam Sager - #98
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ11a
Qualifying: P3 (1:13.9207) - 0.1295 from P1
Race #1 (13-laps): P2 (fastest lap 1:14.5805)**
Race #2 (12-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:16.2149)
Race #3 (15-laps): P2 (fastest lap 1:14.3942)**
** fastest race lap

Sam Breen - #91
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ11a
Qualifying: P8 (1:14.4332) - 0.6420 from P1
Race #1 (13-laps): P8 (fastest lap 1:15.2261)
Race #2 (12-laps): P10 (fastest lap 1:17.3196)
Race #3 (15-laps): P13 (fastest lap 1:15.6312)

Jayden Wallis - #12
Minda Motorsport Mygale SJ12a
Qualifying: P12 (1:14.6695) - 0.8783 from P1
Race #1 (13-laps): P6 (fastest lap 1:14.9829)
Race #2 (12-laps): P7 (fastest lap 1:16.0212)
Race #3 (15-laps): P7 (fastest lap 1:15.0290)
Rnd#2 2013 Aust. Formula Ford Championship
Townsville, QLD (5-7 July)

Macauley Jones - #14
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ13a
Qualifying: P4 (1:18.2885) - 0.4253 from P1
Race #1 (12-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:18.2963)
Race #2 (12-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:18.1257)**
Race #3 (12-laps): P1 (fastest lap 1:17.8448)
** fastest race lap

Liam Sager - #98
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ11a
Qualifying: P1 (1:17.8632)
Race #1 (12-laps): P2 (fastest lap 1:18.4832)
Race #2 (12-laps): DNF (fastest lap 1:18.1307)
Race #3 (12-laps): P3 (fastest lap 1:18.2196)

Sam Breen - #91
Minda Motorsport/CAMS Rising Star Mygale SJ11a
Qualifying: P11 (1:19.0279) - 1.1647 from P1
Race #1 (12-laps): P11 (fastest lap 1:19.1758)
Race #2 (12-laps): P8 (fastest lap 1:19.5861)
Race #3 (12-laps): P8 (fastest lap 1:18.8540)

Jayden Wallis - #12
Minda Motorsport Mygale SJ12a
Qualifying: P13 (1:19.9484) - 2.0852 from P1
Race #1 (12-laps): P12 (fastest lap 1:19.1392)
Race #2 (12-laps): P11 (fastest lap 1:19.1729)
Race #3 (12-laps): P11 (fastest lap 1:18.7401) 


Australian Formula Ford Championship
(points after round three of seven - *Rookie)
1. Macauley Jones (Minda/CAMS Rising Stars) - 149, 2. Anton De Pasquale - 128,
3. Liam Sager (Minda/CAMS Rising Stars) - 109, 4. Sam Power - 96, 4. Simon Hodge - 76,
6. Jordan Lloyd* - 76, 7. Luke Marquis* - 66, 8. Thomas Randle (64),
9. Ash Quiddington - 62, 10. Matt Campbell* - 31, 11. Jayden Wallis* (Minda/CAMS
Rising Stars) - 29, 12. Sam Breen* (Minda/CAMS Rising Stars) - 17



2013 Australian Formula Ford Championship
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Rnd#2, 5-7 July - Townsville, QLD (V8SC)
Rnd#3, 27-28 July - Queensland Raceway (V8SC)
Rnd#4, 23-25 August - Winton, VIC (V8SC)
Rnd#5, 25-27 October - Gold Coast, QLD (V8SC)
Rnd#6, 23-24 November - Phillip Island, VIC (V8SC)
Rnd#7, 6-8 December - Homebush, NSW (V8SC)